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the best manufacturers such as Lelo, Fleshlight, Jopen, Jimmyjane, Pjur USA and many more.The Spot Boutique is a reputable and thrilling place to find everything you need to fulfill all your sensual desires. Unlike some erotica stores, The Spot Boutique is fully committed to the health, well-being, and satisfaction of our customers  

Our boutique is filed with only the best and safest pleasure objects on the market today. Our dedicated staff will answer all of your questions, and lead you to the perfect erotic product for you. If you're not satisfied, we will do everything we can to make it right.

Stop by the highest rated Erotica store in Plano, and experience true customer service. We are conveniently located near Plano on Preston and Gorge Bush.

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  • Sex Toy Materials 36fdb1a35cd2f54f95cf2119fb5bc7ed M
    Written by
    on 03 Oct 2015

    Sex Toy Materials

    I believe it’s true that there’s a pleasure object out there for everyone. Sex toys come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. They serve many different functions, and come in many different price points. Pleasure objects are also made with several types of materials. With so many variables, it can be overwhelming to choose just the right one for you.

    It would take an encyclopedia to break down all the different sex toys in the world. However, we can help you choose the right material, right here, right now. Ready? Let’s go.

    Unsafe Sex Toys

    If you’ve been reading our blogs, I’m sure I sound like a broken record by now. However, I will repeat this message until everyone has heard it: not all sex toys are safe. Seems crazy, I know, but it’s the truth. Luckily, everything at The Spot is free from toxic chemicals. But that’s not true everywhere you go.

    Chemicals called phthalates are the dirty tricksters hiding in cheaply-made pleasure objects. Generally, you find these nasty infection-causing cooties in subpar silicone, plastic, and jelly toys. Always make sure to buy your toys from a safety-conscious brands and a reputable sources.

    Safe and Silky Silicone

    Silicone is the most popular and widely-used sex toy material, at least at The Spot. It is soft, often very smooth, and comfortable. As mentioned before, you have to watch out for some silicone toys, as some brands add gross chemicals. However, brands like LELO, Fun Factory, JimmyJane, Tantus, Je Joue, and Crave all make their toys from medical-grade silicone that is completely safe for you to use.

    These toys come in two basic varieties: silicone covered and silicone throughout. The first variety is found in brands like LELO and JimmyJane, who have hard plastic toys covered in a silky-smooth silicone. Some people prefer this type of toy because it’s almost as hard as glass or metal, but has the smooth texture and esthetic of silicone.

    Toys that are silicone throughout tend to feel more like “the real thing.” If you cut them in half, you would see the same soft silicone through to to core. Brands like Tantus and Fun Factory pride themselves in making these awesome toys, which tend to be more flexible and gentle.  With all silicone toys, we recommend water-based lubricants like System Jo H2O. If you insist on silicone-based lube, go with Uberlube. Its high quality will not interfere with silicone toys the way lesser silicone lubes will.


    A safe, phthalate-free plastic is a great alternative to silicone when it comes to sex toy materials. The LELO MIA and the JimmyJane Iconic Smoothie are both great examples of high-quality plastic toys. Many people prefer plastic over silicone because it is non-porous, and thus easier to keep bacteria-free. You can use these pleasure objects with virtually any lubricant.

    Glass and Metal

    I lump these two materials together because they have very similar qualities and are adored by the same fans. Both metal and glass toys are non-toxic, non-porous, and very hard. Typically, metal and glass toys can be put in the dishwasher, frozen, and generally put through the ringer. Metal and glass toys are very popular for anal play due to their hard and ungiving nature. Use glass and metal pleasure object with any safe lube, and you’ll be good to go.


     Oh, jelly toys, you scare me. These pleasure objects are made from a mixture of PVC and rubber to make a more realistic feel. Jelly toys almost always fall in the “unsafe, run far away” category. However, NS Novelties makes a few great, safe, and fun jelly plugs. Always research your toys, but especially if you’re thinking about jelly.

     If you have any questions regarding sex toys and their materials, stop by and see us. The Spot Boutique is located on Preston Road near the George Bush Turnpike. You can also follow us on Facebook, or give us a call anytime.

     Micki M,

    The Spot Boutique Adult Entertainment Store Plano and Dallas is a playground for adults. Call us in Plano Texas 972-818-8400

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  • Does Penis Size Really Matter C99e3db826c0f4cc2688a36ce3b60e1a M
    Written by
    on 03 Oct 2015

    I once heard a story about an 11-year-old boy who got in trouble at school for measuring his penis. He and his friends had decided to have a contest to see whose penis was longest. The boy’s mom was furious, but the dad said he would take care of it.

    The dad walked in to the boy’s room and sat down on the bed. He said to his son, “Well, did you win?” The boy shook his head in silence. “Alright then,” the dad said and left the room. The mom went to him in a frenzy asking what happened. “Don’t worry, he’ll never do that again.”

    It’s a funny, charming story that also highlights a bigger (pardon the pun) issue. Even from the tender age of 11, boys believe that penis size really matters.

    So, does it? Does penis size matter in the scheme of things?

    Short answer: No, not really.

    If you have a small or average sized penis, don’t fret. Stop worrying about your size and keep reading; this might rock your world. Ready?

    Some girls prefer smaller guys.

    “What?” you might be asking, “But how could that be true?” Well, my curious internet friend, the idea that all women prefer giant, holy-crap-that-is-enormous penises is just a myth that porn promotes. Porn is fantasy and does not reflect real life sex or preferences. Not every man is hung like Ron Jeremy, and not every woman wants a penis that size.

    I like to compare penis size to boob size, because both vary so widely. Some people like small, perky boobies. Some people like giant, squishy boobs. Some people don’t have a preference, and others don’t even like them at all. It’s the same thing for penises.

    “But how can someone pleasure a woman with a smaller-than-average penis?”

    The g-spot is only 2 to 3 inches inside.

    So, as long as your penis is at least 2 inches when it is erect, you can hit the g-spot. (The g-spot is the largest concentration of nerve endings inside the vaginal canal.) So, it’s not about the size of the ship, but the motion of the ocean.

    Furthermore, many women don’t even orgasm from penetration alone, and this has nothing to do with the size of what is penetrating her. Instead, most women have an easier time orgasming from clitoral stimulation during intercourse. So, learn to use your fingers or get a clit stimulator like the LELO NEA.

    What do you guys think? Does penis size really matter? Or should we stop being so concerned about it?

    If you have any questions, go ahead and contact us. You can find The Spot Boutique Adult Entertainment Store Plano and Dallas on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. You can also call us or stop by. 

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